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Sneaker cleaning set

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Are your sneakers in need of a thorough cleanup? Then we have the set for you! Our sneaker cleaning set contains all the products you need to clean, nourish and protect your sneakers. We work dailt with the Tarrago (A brand by Saphir) products in this set and we can tell you they are super effective in each of their tasks. With the Tarrago cleaner you take of most of the dirt on on your leather and synthetic sneakers, also suitable for suede and nubuck! Simply spray the cleaner on the sneakers and use the microfiber towel to take off the dirt. Use the white cleaning brush to clean suede and nubuck or get in between those hard to reach places. Need a bit more of a firm brush? then use the black stiff bristle brush for that. Afterwards, if you are wearing smooth leather sneakers you need to nourish them with Tarrago sneaker rescue. This conditioner based on Avocado oil is a great natural conditioner for leather sneakers and not too greasy. Afterwards, spray on the protector spray to waterproof and protect them against dirst. You might want to spray on the protector again within about 30 minutes to really make sure you got every part of the shoe.

With this set you can:

Cleaning Tarrago sneaker cleaner
Nourish: Tarrago sneaker rescue
Protect: Tarrago sneaker protector

This sneaker cleaning set contains:

 1x Tarrago sneaker cleaner
 1x Tarrago sneaker rescue
 1x Tarrago sneaker protector
 1x White cleaning brush
 1x Black stiff haired cleaning brush
2x Microfiber cloth

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